Beauty and the Beast

March 09, 2023 Andak Media Season 2 Episode 9
Beauty and the Beast
Show Notes

In this episode, we collectively agree to ignore the elephant in the room, which is oddly guillotine shaped. No, this isn't Les Mis, it's Beauty & the Beast. 

Originally released in 1991, Disney's take on the well known fairytale was an instant classic, and Belle arguably cemented herself as the greatest of all Disney princesses. (Though we'll admit Rapunzel is pretty great too). It's a musical adventure that's bursting with bangers, and a timeless quality that simply cannot be beat. 

Of course, that didn't stop Disney from trying. The live action remake hit theaters in 2017 amid the opening salvo of live action renditions of our childhood favorites. Boasting new music, more character depth, and a surprising number of answers to all the plot holes we've pointed out over the years, it was the beginning of a new golden age for the Disney fairytale. 

Then Pinocchio happened. But I suppose we've already covered that. 

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