Mad Max

February 22, 2023 Andak Media Season 2 Episode 8
Mad Max
Show Notes

In this episode, we learn that Mel Gibson is actually Australian. Well, some of us do, anyway. Join us as we dive into the bizarre, post-apocalyptic classic Mad Max 2! 

Originally released in 1981, The Road Warrior follows Max Rockatansky, a cynnical drifter who spends his days driving through the Australian putback trying to stay one step ahead of marauders who would do anything to steal his precious gasoline. 

Running low on fuel, Max finds himself at a settlement under siege with plenty of gas to spare, and strikes up a deal to rid them of their bandit problem in exchange for a share of their fuel supply. 

The 2015 reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road, we join an entirely different Max, who has been captured by the ruthless War Boys and turned into a walking blood bank. 

When Furiosa, a member of the gang, absconds with the leader's many slave wives to escort them to the safety of the Green Place, Max is dragged into an action-packed chase across the desert that may prove to be his best chance to escape. 

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