The Mummy

February 08, 2023 Andak Media Season 2 Episode 6
The Mummy
Show Notes

In this episode, we are all aboard the Brendan Fraser hype train and resurrecting an old favorite with The Mummy! (Do you see what we did there?) 

The Fraser fronted remake debuted in 1999 as a goofy, Iniana Jones inspired action romp about a race across Egypt to uncover a long forgotten treasure. It spawned a multi-film franchise that includes eight titles (but only if you count the four direct-to-video Scorpion King spin-offs, and, we're not sure those are up to par). 

In 2017, amid Marvel Mania, Universal tapped Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe for another remake intended to be the gritty, action-packed launch point of their own connected Dark Universe—a plan that failed quite spectacularly, if we're being honest. 

The one saving grace, is that 2017's outing gave us Jake Johnson basically rehashing his role as Nick Miller from New Girl but as a treasure hunting soldier, so not a total loss. 

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