Rebooted Roulette

July 13, 2022 Andak Media Season 1 Episode 19
Rebooted Roulette
Show Notes

Welcome to the inaugural round of Reboot Roulette! 

We've spent the last 18 episodes picking apart Hollywood reboots‐‐praising their successes and shaming their failures. 

We've forced ourselves to sit through flops, cash grabs, and more than a couple hits (looking at you Thumbtanic), and now it's time to put our educations to use and propose a few reboots of our own! 

We've got a list of five fan-cast remakes ready for your approval, but only one will come out on top. Who's idea is going to get funding? Well...none of them, probably. But one of us will get the satisfaction of knowing their idea is better then the rest of the group, so that's something. 

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