Jurassic Park

May 25, 2022 Season 1 Episode 17
Jurassic Park
Show Notes

In this episode, Jimmy Buffet rescues a couple margaritas. Literally nothing else happens. 

Originally released in 1993, Jurrasic Park explores what would happen if a mad scientist devoted his time to resurrecting the dinosaurs. 

Spoiler alert: bad things happen. 

20 some years later, science...uh...finds a way to not only make more dinosaurs, but also genetically engineer smarter ones. What could possibly go wrong? 

Everything. Everything goes wrong. 

Honestly, it's utterly shocking that the folks smart enough to bring dinosaurs back from extinction were also somehow too stupid to stop and think "You know, this is a really bad idea." 

I suppose the only thing left to do is throw in a couple kids to raise the stakes. 

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